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Flash & HTML Website (we don’t do much Flash anymore)

BlueMapDesign.comBlueMap Design is an established NYC-based studio well known for their innovative redesign of Kodak’s line of cameras, their structural packaging expertise and attention to product detail. Their previous site was built in Flash using a method that was extremely difficult for them to update.

BlueMap approached us to create a new presence built upon lessons learned from their previous site. We addressed their needs with a complete overhaul that employed a slick, hybrid combination of Flash and HTML. They asked us to:

  • Redesign their site with their existing branding as a foundation;
  • Make the site easy to update;
  • Open up the site architecture by allowing users to link to individual pages and use their browser’s “Back” button;
  • Use Flash in a subtle way, and only to enhance the feeling of elegance while simultaneously maintaining their ability to update the site on their own.

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