Blues Traveler website design

FROM THE ARCHIVE: Blues Traveler website

Blues Traveler websiteThe band approached us to radically upgrade their online presence while also taking care to avoid creating a site that felt slick and corporate.

The custom content management system was used by the group to add & update blocks of content for the entire site, while individual band members could independently keep their respective pages up-to-date.

We also installed and highly customized an inexpensive out-of-the-box Message Board system and archived their valuable old (and quite extensive) messages. The result was a community-based support system for the band which did not alienate their very established fan base.

The solution for Blues Traveler was to:

  • Use a gritty design aesthetic which reflects their taste as a band, and which their audience demands;
  • Keep their old message board content while establishing a better organized, user-moderated Message Board following the new site design;
  • Create an easy-to-use, custom content administration system with several tiers of user access: administration privileges (which can be used to edit anything on the site), band member privileges (which can only be used to update their respective pages), and user-level privileges (which can only be used to update pre-determined pages or blocks of content).