Environmental signage design for the Memphis International Airport

FROM THE ARCHIVE: Memphis International Airport Informational Signage

memair_www_smWhen the Memphis International Airport needed environmental signage to raise awareness of their parking rules, I developed a system of standard overhead road signs, billboards, large exterior wall posters and pole-mounted parking signs in order to:

  • Create a red “No Parking/No Waiting” zone in front of the terminal drop-offs;
  • Create a green path to the various parking areas, while offering 30 minutes of free parking to discourage idling in front of the building;
  • Raise awareness of penalties for violating the rules, which had always existed but rarely been effectively enforced;
  • Maintain an authoritative voice while injecting a sense of humor into the mix;
  • Leverage an aesthetic and visual language that is uniquely appropriate to Memphis and the Mid-South.