App design for tattoo shop

FROM THE ARCHIVE : (Old!) Mobile Applications

A series of mobile applications for traditional (non-smartphone) handsets.

TS_www_sm“Tattoo Shop”

User Interface design for a mobile phone application. Our goals were to raise the bar significantly for a traditional mobile program, allow for a fairly quick and easy technical build, and produce a coherent and recognizable look and feel for a branded application.

hotamerica“Hot America Pageant”

For each of these mobile apps, design had to be very carefully planned around the significant limitations of the medium. For instance, custom fonts had to be used sparingly (and even then, we had to recreate them for use on the handsets) and every design element had to be thought of as a “sprite” without the ability to blend it into anything that was behind it since there was no anti-aliasing or edge blurring.

dreamshots_www_sm“Dream Shots”

Following design of each of these apps, we were tasked with cutting everything into pieces and creating technical build elements: handset-friendly optimized layers that could then be easily programmed into each application.