FROM THE ARCHIVE: Russell Simmons’ (third version)


HTML Website (now offline)

Rushcard.comThis is the third version we created for the RushCard site, the online home for Russell Simmons’ Rush Communications credit branch. The website is all about being smart and direct, and speaking to three main audience silos, in order to:

  • Allow for quick & easy sign up for new customers;
  • Serve as a window for existing customers;
  • Function as a comprehensive online information reservoir for those just wanting to find out more about the card.

Previous versions of the RushCard site have utilized Flash navigation and spot Flash elements, but it was abandoned this time in favor of simplicity.

With each successive version of this site (we have designed them all), RushCard reacts dynamically to their customers’ needs and requests. Their customer base has increased exponentially since we started several years ago, and its reach is poised to extend globally.