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FROM THE ARCHIVE: Wacked-out Website for The Electric Company!


Super-fun Sesame Workshop Website

The Electric Company website: CLICK TO VIEW THE ARCHIVED VERSIONWhile no one really does Flash websites anymore, this is a fun oldie-but-goodie from many years back…

This is a Flash-based site that’s as much about having fun and being a little goofy as it as about promoting the product. It’s got a retro look and feel, which is very much in keeping with the spirit of the show.

When The Sesame Workshop released The Electric Company for the first time on DVD, they needed an online presence to promote the product, which we produced in conjunction with Funny Garbage.

The timeline was short, but there was plenty of source material to work with. The goals were to:

  • Create a site which was fun to use and in line with the tone of the original show;
  • Allow users to access vintage audio and video clips, in order to preview DVD content;
  • Give customers a way to purchase the DVDs online.

Visit the Archived Website >>
(** please note the bottom 4 buttons are disabled in this archived version)