Lindsey Black Interiors : Wordpress design & development by K Brandon Bell (most photos by Selavie Photography)

Branding, cards & website for Lindsey Black Interiors

I worked closely with Lindsey on her branding & website over the past few months & I’m excited about the results.

The logo is clean & simple, with the mark referencing physical space, walls, windows…

The WordPress-based website is responsive, minimal, & built around the startup nature of the consultancy. It’s also built to grow quickly.

Branding design process for Mister Dough, donut shop

Branding Design for Donut Shop

A really fun series of branding design explorations for donut shop Mister Dough.

This project was a blast to work on…Along with the very talented Clint Baker, Dave Thompson, and GCD Interiors.

After a long naming process, we began developing a series of unique branding ideas for the café—they ranged from modern to vintage to just plain fun. Our aim was to find the right direction for the overall branding, that would match the interior designers’ vision of a bright, lively store in an old mid-century building.

For a look at some of the other naming options, check out the blog.

BR2 - logo design & animation for Craig Brewer's production company

Logo Redesign & Motion Graphics

Production company logo design & animation for film director Craig Brewer’s BR2 Productions.

This was a very fast-paced but rewarding project: updating film director Craig Brewer’s  production company logo, and then animating it for the screen.

The existing logo was still solid but just needed a little “something” to make it more modern, and we didn’t want to completely throw out the old animation either. In hearing more about the origins of the name, I wanted to visually incorporate a sense of its history: it came from accounting form boxes used to reference theater productions by Craig & his father. The 2 Brewers, hence BR2.

In addition to modernizing the typography and referencing legal documents, there was a need to make the final animation FAST.

Logo & Website for Beale Street Studios

Logo system & website for Memphis-based creative/production company

I worked with Beale Street Studios to completely update their logo system…and from there to create a modern, fresh & mobile-friendly portfolio websiteto show off their work.

The site is easy to update and built on Wordpress, and the logo system below includes some few designs that weren’t selected for the final product.

Logo, branding, packaging & WordPress web design & build for Relevant Roasters

Relevant Roasters logo, website, packaging

Design & development of logo, branding, mobile-friendly e-commerce website & packaging for brand spankin’ new craft coffee roaster. All photography by Sarah Rossi-Bell of Sélavie Photography.

Logo, branding, website & packaging design

Lots of fun design for start-up craft coffee company Relevant Roasters, which has just been acquired by French Truck of New Orleans.

I initially started working with them on the logo, and went on to build out packaging and a very enjoyable mobile-friendly e-commerce website that was built to grow as the product line did.

Misc. Printed Collateral Pieces

A Collection of Promotional Materials

Annual Reports, brochures, manuals, CD & vinyl jackets, membership cards for various clients, including Hammermill Paper, Relevant Roasters, Buckeye Technologies, Morgan Keegan, Habitat For Hope, Boys & Girls Club, and Gold Strike Casino.

Misc. Brand Marks

Misc. Branding & Marks

A collection of logos and marks created for various clients, including 3M, Random House, DeWalt, Hammermill, Bravo, International Paper, Porter Cable, Memphis International Airport, Fownes, Baldwin Hardware and a wide variety of Internet start-ups and other companies.