Opera Memphis projection design

Projection Design for Opera Memphis Festival

I’m very proud of the endeavors of University of Memphis graphic design students Chad Malone, Cassie Farrier & Parks Perdue…They worked along side me and Professor Gary Golightly to create stage projections for Opera Memphis’ Midtown Opera Festival.

This was an intense project, giving us only 2 weeks to design, build, and program projections for 6 pieces.

Photos by Sélavie Photography

Ken Olberman ESPN set graphics

Misc. Film & TV

This is a collection of various television- & film-based work I’ve done over the years. From Bravo to TLC to ESPN, these are projects that aren’t otherwise represented in my portfolio.

It includes:

Video special effects for Me & The Light, short film by Alan Spearman & Mark Adams, featuring lil Buck

Visual Effects for Short Film

Coming Soon

For Spearman Adams upcoming film “Me & The Light”, I worked with the filmmakers to remove unwanted elements in the frame, visually enhance environments & lighting, and to create subtle, realistic visual effects that wouldn’t overpower the narrative.

Me and the Light shows how internationally renowned movement artist Lil Buck and a community of Memphians are transforming their struggles by using art to heal their community.

Read more about Lil Buck at The Wall Street Journal.

VFX for NBA.com film featuring Justin Timberlake & NBA all-stars

Special Effects for Memphis Grizzlies Short Film

Video special effects for the Memphis Grizzlies’ film “Mike Conley: Our Conductor” by Craig Brewer, featuring Justin Timberlake & NBA all-stars.

The Memphis Grizzlies just released the new short film by director Craig Brewer, entitled “Mike Conley: Our Conductor”. I’m proud to have been a part of it, creating video effects on a very tight deadline ahead of its premiere. The challenge was to meticulously remove a series of very bright lightboxes from behind the dancers, rebuilding moving body parts that had been blown out by intense back-lighting. In the end, you’d never know that the lightboxes had been there.

From the Memphis newspaper The Commercial Appeal:

The Grizzlies wooed free agent Mike Conley on Monday with a Craig Brewer-directed short film on the team’s website that featured Justin Timberlake — and added a third G-word to the team’s vocabulary.

Grit and grind, make way for grace.

The two-minute, 44-second film brought together basketball and the arts, with Grizzlies players Tony Allen, Zach Randolph and Marc Gasol co-starring with ballet dancers and jookers, the Grizz Line drum line and a symphony orchestra.

And here it is on NBA.com

Animations & motion graphics for Crosstown Concourse documentary film

Animations for Documentary Film

Animations & motion graphics for Crosstown Concourse documentary film.

Some University of Memphis Department of Art students & I were a part of this documentary, put together *almost* single-handedly by Justin Thompson of Crosstown Arts.

We were responsible for animating a big ol’ pile of static historical images to bring them to life in the film. It’s so great to see it all come together so beautifully. Congrats to UofM students Catherine Knowles, Ben Ardon, and Kaitlyn Hoover for the beautiful work, and to Crosstown Concourse on the incredible new space!

The full documentary on the transformation of the massive (and formerly dilapidated) Sears Crosstown building into Crosstown Concourse, that originally aired on Opening Day is now available online. Thanks to Justin Thompson, Director of Video Production at Crosstown Arts, for pouring the last six years of his life into this film.

CROSSTOWN CONCOURSE from Crosstown Arts on Vimeo.

BR2 - logo design & animation for Craig Brewer's production company

Logo Redesign & Motion Graphics

Production company logo design & animation for film director Craig Brewer’s BR2 Productions.

This was a very fast-paced but rewarding project: updating film director Craig Brewer’s  production company logo, and then animating it for the screen.

The existing logo was still solid but just needed a little “something” to make it more modern, and we didn’t want to completely throw out the old animation either. In hearing more about the origins of the name, I wanted to visually incorporate a sense of its history: it came from accounting form boxes used to reference theater productions by Craig & his father. The 2 Brewers, hence BR2.

In addition to modernizing the typography and referencing legal documents, there was a need to make the final animation FAST.

Ashley Furniture Craft Store : fully animated promo

Animated Promo for the Craft Store Portal

For my friends at VIA Productions, I animated a promotional video for Ashley Homestore’s Craft Store portal.

This was a fun project!

TED Talks Live Set Graphics

Screen Graphics for Live Broadway Events & Televised PBS Special

I am very proud to have worked as screen producer and designer for this 6-night series of live TED Talks on Broadway, which took place Nov. 1-6, 2015 at NYC’s beautiful Town Hall theater in Times Square. Seth Easter Design did the physical set and handled all the LED details, Sarah Rossi Photography shot a bunch of custom images for the show, animator Dan Baker helped out with custom motion graphics, and I worked closely again with Peter Acken as he programmed the show content in the media server.

PBS began airing the talks in three primetime specials starting March 30, 2016.

Watch “TED Talks: Education Revolution” (aired Sept 13, 2016)
Watch “TED Talks: War & Peace” (aired May 30, 2016)
Watch “TED Talks: Science & Wonder” (aired March 30, 2016)

The themes were Education Revolution, War & Peace, and Science & Wonder, and featured speakers and performers such as Elvis Costello, Anna Deavere Smith, Chris Anderson, Adam Driver, Meshell Ndegeocello, Rufus & Martha Wainwright, Thomas Dolby, and others from NASA, Pixar, DARPA, MIT, Radiolab, Stanford and more.

Animated Video Promo for Acacia TV

I edited video and created motion graphic animations to produce this very simple but effective promo video for Acacia TV.

A small but fun project, in collaboration again with my buddies at Baker+Hill.

Johnny Cash animated video for the Memphis Music Hall of Fame

Rock & Soul Museum Animations

Motion graphics, video editing & animations for The Rock & Soul Museum’s MMHOF 2013 & 2014 inductees.

For the 2013 MMHOF Ceremony, we created artist introduction video designs & animations for the inductees.

All in all, my team & I completed 13 of the 3-minute videos in just a couple of days: Albert King, Bar-Kays, Johnny Cash, Carla Thomas, Memphis Jug Band, David Porter, Kay Starr, The Blackwood Brothers, Roland Janes, Knox Phillips, Sid Selvidge, Rev Brewster & Phineas Newborn Jr. Each video tells a biographical story to the live audience and is approximately 3 minutes long.