ABC News – Scenic Screen Design

UPDATE June 2020: I’m just going to start adding a new image at the top of this page when new sets are completed. To see more of any of these, please check out the Project & News section.

UPDATE May 2020: This project has continued, with the recent coverage of NASA & SpaceX’s historic Crew Dragon launch. ABC’s special was titled “Launch America: Mission To Space Live“, which aired on May 27 & May 30, 2020.

UPDATE APRIL 2020: New & customized designs for other TV3 specials like 20/20’s “Pandemic: What You Need To Know” and “America Rising: Fighting the Pandemic“.

ORIGINAL POST: I recently spent two weeks in New York working with ABC News on set screen designs for their newly-minted TV3 Studio. Designed by Seth Easter, the set is almost entirely made up of LED screens.

The first 10 days were all about their special coverage of Super Tuesday. In less than a week, we had all the screens filled with animations and some simple cues. Hosted by George Stephanopoulos, David Muir, John Karl, Linsey Davis, and Mary Bruce, it also featured Tom Llamas, Nate Silver, Matthew Dowd, and Rahm Emanuel. Needless to say, it was a very long day that Tuesday: the live show was 6 hours long to accommodate a broadcast for each of the coasts, and we wrapped at 2am.

The last few days were spent building graphics for their 2-hour Friday night coronavirus live special (“20/20: Outbreak: What You Need To Know“) and helping ABC plan for how they will produce screen content for all of the eight+ weekly shows that will broadcast from the new studio. We accomplished this by building After Effects templates that their in-house design team can use to get their creative work into the new LEDs.

All in all, a fairly busy two weeks!