Animations for Documentary Film

Animations & motion graphics for Crosstown Concourse documentary film.

Some University of Memphis Department of Art students & I were a part of this documentary, put together *almost* single-handedly by Justin Thompson of Crosstown Arts.

We were responsible for animating a big ol’ pile of static historical images to bring them to life in the film. It’s so great to see it all come together so beautifully. Congrats to UofM students Catherine Knowles, Ben Ardon, and Kaitlyn Hoover for the beautiful work, and to Crosstown Concourse on the incredible new space!

The full documentary on the transformation of the massive (and formerly dilapidated) Sears Crosstown building into Crosstown Concourse, that originally aired on Opening Day is now available online. Thanks to Justin Thompson, Director of Video Production at Crosstown Arts, for pouring the last six years of his life into this film.

CROSSTOWN CONCOURSE from Crosstown Arts on Vimeo.