Memphis Brand Initiative : projection graphics by K Brandon Bell

Memphis Brand Initiative : projection graphics by K Brandon Bell

Memphis Brand Initiative : projection graphics by K Brandon Bell

Projection Design for City of Memphis

This project started with some very fast-turnaround motion design & projections created for the Memphis Brand Initiative‘s fund raiser with the Greater Memphis Chamber of Commerce at the beautiful Old Dominick distillery in downtown Memphis. This was a test event: basically a proof-of-concept in advance of a larger project for the City of Memphis Bicentennial celebration throughout 2019.

The City of Memphis celebrates its 200th birthday in May, with Shelby County following in November. MBI’s concept was to stage surprise pop-up installations all around town and into the county, spotlighting some Memphians of this next century. We solicited nominations and directed a full-day video shoot at VIA Productions, DP’ed by Ryan Earl Parker, with stills taken by Sélavie Photography. From here, we created a large batch of motion graphics-activated video that we could project onto walls throughout the area.

University of Memphis Graphic Design students Chad Malone & the mononymous Marshall helped create some of the motion graphics media we used, and 9 other students from around the Department of Art were instrumental in making the actual projections happen. In May 2019 alone, we’re doing 27 separate activations on Friday & Saturday evenings. You can read more about it here, via Memphis’s daily newspaper The Commercial Appeal.

The students who went out into the field to zap those buildings with projected video at night, are: Lauren McFerrin, Marshall, Lockard Simpkins, Bruno Guerrero, Ethan McVay, Gustavo Espino, Cheryiah Hill, Aubrey Ford, Amani Figgs & Moises Martinez.

The video is a quick breakdown of some of the Nov 2018 test graphics, with MUSIC BY DAZ RINKO, who performed at that event.

You can check out a beautiful gallery of photos from the video shoot here.

And…more photos from Nov 2018 here