The 69th Annual Tony Awards (aired June 7, 2015) : Virtual Set creation for live television broadcast

This was the 5th year in a row that my team & I were tasked with creating digital/virtual sets for all of the performances on the Tony Awards. We begin by attending the nominated shows and then photographing the physical scenery in each Broadway theater. Then we carefully cut them up according to a plan that we develop based on how they need to work, and then animate them using Photoshop, After Effects, SketchUp, etc. Finally, we reassemble and meticulously program their behavior in a Hippotizer media server. The resulting video-based sets fool the viewer’s eye into believing that the actors are performing in front of actual physical scenery, when in fact everything is being fed directly into a series of humongous LED screens that span 50 x 23 feet.

We have about 4-5 weeks to do all this, so it gets a bit hectic. But once it’s all done, it’s alot of fun to sit back and watch it work on live TV. Art Direction by Seth Easter Design, Hasbas is the set designer. Sarah Rossi & Dallas Raleigh shot a BUNCH of custom images for the show, and Dan Baker was a huge help with creating the sets and animations. Genius programming by Peter “Evil Jesus” Acken.